Community Assets for
Society & Housing

A Community Land Trust in South-East London

CASH is a member led, co-operatively run, not-for-profit organisation working to secure housing, working and social spaces by keeping them in the ownership of the local community.

About CASH

We are a Community Land Trust, founded in June 2018 in South-East London and incorporated in May 2019 as a non-charitable Community Benefit Society.

We invite people from all walks of life with a special welcome to those who find the current shape of the housing market unjust and necessary to reform.
Let's do this together!

Since we began our aims have been to:

  • create, protect and sustain
  • influence the regeneration of the places we live and work in
  • pursue mixed-use development schemes which genuinely benefit local communities
  • offer a constructive response to the ongoing housing crisis
  • deliver sustainable and inclusive projects

We have now moved to a stage of implementing our goals. This website demonstrates our vision and how we are going to deliver it.

Find out about our development strategy on Vision page.

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